Sunday, October 25, 2015


Indeed there are many wonderful musical albums had been released these past 5 years in this 2010 decade. Now, let's just review some of the most artistic, coherent and overall the best.
In no particular order;

1. Hozier by Hozier (2014)

Hozier self-titled album is arguably a masterpiece, with its productions, vocals and melodies. But, the most important aspect is the lyrical quality of every songs in the album. Hozier in my opinion is a lyrical genius, using words that are peculiar and interesting to be fitted in his songs. A very good fresh music, for everyone.

2. AM by Arctic Monkey

Listening to AM from start to finish will take you to a wonderful, dark musical experience. Totally addictive and enjoyable with witty lyrics and unorthodox sounds. Though some songs are quite similar, they show similarity in theme and quality. A must-listen.

3. Ultraviolence By Lana Del Rey (2014)

The album in my opinion is very addictive, with rock influence that is so gorgeous and rich. It's certainly a step forward for her discography. Its productions are raw, stripped and timeless and only short of 'classic' status. No doubt, one of the best.

4. Beauty Behind the Madness by The Weeknd (2014)

A critical and commercial success worldwide, this album offers satisfaction to its listener, with fresh sound and Tesafaye's signature vocals. The production is overwhelming, but carefully placed and astonishingly ravishing, something that most nu-rnb musicians fail to do. Totally deserves its success.

5. Native by One Republic 9

Structurally cohesive, fun, addictive, poppy and catchy. All these qualities make the album one of the finest in pop. Whilst being all of the above, the lyrical quality is also very impressive, and bold vocal performance by Ryan Tedder.

So that's it. Note that this list is entirely opinion-based. Please comment and suggest what albums do you think are good. Thanks for reading.


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