Saturday, June 13, 2015

A-Level Guide

Hello people.

This is your guide to A-Level program! I am writing this because there are many students who don't really know how this program works. Therefore, I wanna share what I know about A-level thus far. So basically A-Level is a program which consists of 2 stages, which are AS level and A2 level. These will be covered over the period of 1.5 or 2 years. The study period varies between institution.

How it works? First, you are free to choose what subjects you wanna take (this depends on institutions) and you would be learning those subjects for a year then you would sit for your AS exams. This exam is crucial for university placement and also for your overall A-level grades. A2 level comes after that, where you would study for half or a year. This will conclude your A-Level program.

In another word: There are two major examinations. The final A-Level Grades are determined by these two exams combined.

A-Levels are 100% exam based (except for programming). So it's kinda like SPM. To excel, we just have to do past year papers which can be obtained easily online or in your respective instituition.

A-level is the most accepted pre-university program for universities all around the world. Therefore, this program is very suitable if you are not sure where do you wanna study next. Also, it is comparatively way easier than IB (International Baccalaureate) so if you are to choose between the two, I highly recommend A-Level.


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