Saturday, March 1, 2014

Interview for JAD (Japanese Associate Degree) Program 2014

In 22nd February 2014, I attended the JAD interview at Le Meridien Hotel, Kota Kinabalu. So for those of you guys who will be attending this kind of interview, I wish you all the best. As we know, this scholarship offers to study engineering in Japan. So here's how the story goes:

8.00 a.m, I arrived there and directly registered. By the time, some of the candidates were already there. I greeted them and after everything, we went to sit a test. 

The test: 
-Consist of Add Maths, Chemistry, Physics and Modern Maths.
 -24 objective questions and some (i think 4) subjective questions.
-Answer all in 1 hour
-Addmaths, focusing on differentiation and integration. For Maths-circles, algebra and basic stuffs.
-Physic, calculation on motion, electricity, and also laws like Lenz Law and so on.
-Chemistry, focusing on acid, salt and voltaic cell.

Well of course it was hard if you don't revise. But the questions were of different level of difficulties and most of them were answerable. So it is advisable for you all to study everything back before the interview.

Immediately after that, we were called one by one to the interview room. I was called first and like always, I put on my i-am-the-most-confident-person-on-earth face to cover up my nervousness.

The interview:
Okay, what the fish! They asked me many thing I didn't expect like which part of mechanical engineering you like the most? Robotic, automotive, mechatronic... I was stunned and I didn't know what to answer because I really didn't do any research on what the heck mechanical engineering was. SO PLEASE LOOK UP ON THAT! Here--> Mechanical_engineering

They also asked me to speak in Japan because I had learnt Japanese language. But don't worry, it was not compulsory to know Japanese language because you will learn it later. 
AND FREAKING WATCH OUT! They will ask you to do Addmaths questions and sometimes they'll ask you to explain Physics concept such as Bernoulli's principle and Archimedes' Principle.


So that's it. I hope you guys can do well in this interview and don't forget to comment and share this! 

That's me on the right-most, in white.


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