Thursday, November 29, 2012

Movie Review: Sepah The Movie

Sepah The Movie is a comedy movie starring the Raja Lawak stars, Jep, Shuib and Mamat. The story is about the three of them, who work at a factory. One day, they meet Ayu (Anzalna), who is their trainer for a course in the factory. The three of them try to attract Ayu.

But the conflict starts when a playboy, I think the name is Basir (Jehan Miskin), who unfortunately the vice CEO in the factory stops them in every chance to befriend with Ayu.  Basir bullies them and use his power to stop their promotion in the factory.

But they still have their dignities and they are willing to stand for themselves, by hook or by crook. But will they manage to do it? And among them., who will win Ayu's heart?

The movie is a comedy movie but it is packed with motorbike racing actions too and it also emphasise the value of friendship. But they are so many untrained extras which made it looks dull. The comedy by the way is so good and they is a little twist at the end of the story which you have to find out yourself.

Rating: 7/10

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