Thursday, August 30, 2012

Movie Review: 29 Februari

Starring: Remy Ishak, Jojo Goh. Izzue Islam
Director: Edry Abd Halim

What are the fates of people that born on the 29th February? It seems like they are all having the same fate like we do. For the first time, Malaysian makes a huge difference in film-making. Using the 3-Dimensional format, 29 Februari is a must-see movie.

It is a love story between Budi (Remy Ishak) and Lily (Jojo Goh) who first met in 1957. It is a first-sight love. It seems like the chemistry between them grown strong, especially when Budi's birthday is a day before her. 

Is it a gift or a curse? Many people in the village where Budi stays questioned. Budi ages 4 times slower than a human should, making him forever young. Since Lily is a chinese and Budi is a malay, the boundaries between them keeps them apart. That is when Lily run away from home, leaving Budi.

Half a century later, they meet again, but this time, it will not be the same.

Will they live happily ever after?

Review: The plot was kind of interesting. The visual effect of the film was clearly a step ahead in Malaysian film industry. Like many love story, happiness could never be achieved easily unless it would be very boring. The movie was like musical plus love plus biography. Overall, it was great.

But in my oppinion the 3-D effects are lacking in this movie. Why should waste your money for 3-D when you can have the same effect on 2-D?

Rate: 7/10

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