Friday, September 29, 2017

EASIEST LANGUAGE IN THE WORLD: Malay / Bahasa (and why...)

So I just want to say that the Malay language or Bahasa Melayu is the easiest language in the world. I am going to explain why, but before that, is it really a language worth learning?

Bahasa, has a total of 156 MILLION native speaker, and second language speakers. Spoken widely in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei even in Thailand and other Asian countries in small number. On top of that, it is a very easy language to learn and memorize.

1. No verb conjugation

There is no verb changes in any form except for the suffix (which I will explain later, rather easy). No gender rules, no compound verb.


I want to eat - Saya mahu makan, (lit: I want eat)
I have eaten - Saya telah makan
I will eat - Saya akan makan (omg this is so easy)
He is eating - Dia makan
She is eating - Dia makan (notice both "dia" is used for both genders)
It is eating - Dia makan

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Kingsman: The Golden Circle (Movie Review)

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Kingsman: The Golden Circle is a delight for action movie lover, and the on the point comedy and funny lines are just the cherry on top of a beautifully crafted cake. The visual effects in this movie is simply good, where the slow motion and super zoom are used quite frequently, tastefully to enhance the already eye-catching scene.

The plot of this movie is quite cliche, in a sense that it is predictable and kind of straight forward. However, I am just going to take this as a good plot as the overall stories are good and worthy enough to be seen. But if you're looking for something mind-blowing or out-of-the-box, this is frankly not for you. This movie is more directed towards the general public, and it achieve this purpose because it's witty, funny, fast and full of actions.

Julianne Moore's acting is undeniably the best, next to Colin Firth who plays Harry a.k.a Galahad. Eggsy is great as usual, portrayed by Taron Eagerton but I really don't feel the chemistry between him and the Swedish princess, Tilde, potrayed by Hanna Alstrom. It feels forced and quite frankly they are not a good match. Hanna looks too old for Eggsy, just in my opinion. 

Overall I rate this movie a solid 8/10, simply because of how well it is crafted. It is also the most entertaining movie I watched this year.

Sunday, October 25, 2015


Indeed there are many wonderful musical albums had been released these past 5 years in this 2010 decade. Now, let's just review some of the most artistic, coherent and overall the best.
In no particular order;

1. Hozier by Hozier (2014)

Hozier self-titled album is arguably a masterpiece, with its productions, vocals and melodies. But, the most important aspect is the lyrical quality of every songs in the album. Hozier in my opinion is a lyrical genius, using words that are peculiar and interesting to be fitted in his songs. A very good fresh music, for everyone.

2. AM by Arctic Monkey

Listening to AM from start to finish will take you to a wonderful, dark musical experience. Totally addictive and enjoyable with witty lyrics and unorthodox sounds. Though some songs are quite similar, they show similarity in theme and quality. A must-listen.

3. Ultraviolence By Lana Del Rey (2014)

The album in my opinion is very addictive, with rock influence that is so gorgeous and rich. It's certainly a step forward for her discography. Its productions are raw, stripped and timeless and only short of 'classic' status. No doubt, one of the best.

4. Beauty Behind the Madness by The Weeknd (2014)

A critical and commercial success worldwide, this album offers satisfaction to its listener, with fresh sound and Tesafaye's signature vocals. The production is overwhelming, but carefully placed and astonishingly ravishing, something that most nu-rnb musicians fail to do. Totally deserves its success.

5. Native by One Republic 9

Structurally cohesive, fun, addictive, poppy and catchy. All these qualities make the album one of the finest in pop. Whilst being all of the above, the lyrical quality is also very impressive, and bold vocal performance by Ryan Tedder.

So that's it. Note that this list is entirely opinion-based. Please comment and suggest what albums do you think are good. Thanks for reading.


Saturday, June 13, 2015

A-Level Guide

Hello people.

This is your guide to A-Level program! I am writing this because there are many students who don't really know how this program works. Therefore, I wanna share what I know about A-level thus far. So basically A-Level is a program which consists of 2 stages, which are AS level and A2 level. These will be covered over the period of 1.5 or 2 years. The study period varies between institution.

How it works? First, you are free to choose what subjects you wanna take (this depends on institutions) and you would be learning those subjects for a year then you would sit for your AS exams. This exam is crucial for university placement and also for your overall A-level grades. A2 level comes after that, where you would study for half or a year. This will conclude your A-Level program.

In another word: There are two major examinations. The final A-Level Grades are determined by these two exams combined.

A-Levels are 100% exam based (except for programming). So it's kinda like SPM. To excel, we just have to do past year papers which can be obtained easily online or in your respective instituition.

A-level is the most accepted pre-university program for universities all around the world. Therefore, this program is very suitable if you are not sure where do you wanna study next. Also, it is comparatively way easier than IB (International Baccalaureate) so if you are to choose between the two, I highly recommend A-Level.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Civil Engineering as A Career

Hello there!

I'm going to talk about my career choice which is Civil Engineering, and why I chose this.

First and foremost, what is a civil engineer? Literally, it is a very broad field and can't quite be defined in one sentence. Well, there are lots of different paths in civil engineering, like environmental, structural, traffic, architectural and many more. Generally, civil engineers work for the betterment of a place or city. They do various projects like designing bridges, roads, power plants, buildings and virtually everything you see when take a walk downtown. In other words, everything that makes up physical civilization.

Civil engineers deal with lots of mathematics and physics. Also, they have to be very critical when making decision, as a slight miscalculation would equal chaos. Of course, projects are not individual works and thus, they have to work as team which comprises contractors, architects and lots of engineers in various fields.

Now let's talk about why I chose this career. Firstly, I really didn't know what to choose after I finished my SPM. But what I know is that I love science and arts. Initially I wanted to be an architect but somehow, I learned that Civil Engineering is a perfect mix of science, maths and arts. (Though it's more to maths).

Secondly, the career prospects of a Civil engineer is very wide that you can fit in any industries such as oil and gas, power plant and construction, Although in Malaysia, this career is overlooked, trust me it's worth it and as our nation progresses, more civil engineers will be needed.

Salary wise, civil engineers are paid well, though a little bit less than mechanical or chemical engineers in early phase of careers.  But as reported in ( , as a senior manager (which is roughly after 15-20 years of working) , civil engineering is ranked at No.10 highest paying jobs, only behind petroleum engineering and electrical engineering (in engineering field).

For more infos:Civil Engineers Salary Malaysia

The working environment of a civil engineer is also very fun and diverse. Well, I don't know much but from what I have researched, mechanical engineers spend most of their time in workshop, and petroleum engineering most probably off-shore. But a civil engineer doesn't only work in office to plan and design but also survey construction sites and get hands-on with their work. I don't like sitting on my chairs 24/7.

Personally, what attracted me most to choose this career is the fact that I am so fascinated when I see buildings. It's really weird but you know the feeling of amusement and amazement when you see something? Yes, I see that in structures. During my visit to Japan, I was also amazed by the structural technology they applied in which the buildings could withstand major earthquakes and disasters. It's really amazing and beautiful. And to top it off, personally I would like to play a part in something big that stands through test of time, that is civilization.

Thanks for reading and I hope you would benefit something from this post. It's been awhile and If you have any questions just comment below.

For further infos:

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Interview for JAD (Japanese Associate Degree) Program 2014

In 22nd February 2014, I attended the JAD interview at Le Meridien Hotel, Kota Kinabalu. So for those of you guys who will be attending this kind of interview, I wish you all the best. As we know, this scholarship offers to study engineering in Japan. So here's how the story goes:

8.00 a.m, I arrived there and directly registered. By the time, some of the candidates were already there. I greeted them and after everything, we went to sit a test. 

The test: 
-Consist of Add Maths, Chemistry, Physics and Modern Maths.
 -24 objective questions and some (i think 4) subjective questions.
-Answer all in 1 hour
-Addmaths, focusing on differentiation and integration. For Maths-circles, algebra and basic stuffs.
-Physic, calculation on motion, electricity, and also laws like Lenz Law and so on.
-Chemistry, focusing on acid, salt and voltaic cell.

Well of course it was hard if you don't revise. But the questions were of different level of difficulties and most of them were answerable. So it is advisable for you all to study everything back before the interview.

Immediately after that, we were called one by one to the interview room. I was called first and like always, I put on my i-am-the-most-confident-person-on-earth face to cover up my nervousness.

The interview:
Okay, what the fish! They asked me many thing I didn't expect like which part of mechanical engineering you like the most? Robotic, automotive, mechatronic... I was stunned and I didn't know what to answer because I really didn't do any research on what the heck mechanical engineering was. SO PLEASE LOOK UP ON THAT! Here--> Mechanical_engineering

They also asked me to speak in Japan because I had learnt Japanese language. But don't worry, it was not compulsory to know Japanese language because you will learn it later. 
AND FREAKING WATCH OUT! They will ask you to do Addmaths questions and sometimes they'll ask you to explain Physics concept such as Bernoulli's principle and Archimedes' Principle.


So that's it. I hope you guys can do well in this interview and don't forget to comment and share this! 

That's me on the right-most, in white.


Saturday, February 8, 2014

Robocop - Movie Review

Director: José Padilha

Writers: Joshua Zetumer (screenplay), Edward Neumeier
Stars: Joel Kinnaman, Douglas Urbanski, Abbie Cornish

Robocop is a very interesting movie, sets in the future, when the robotic technologies are on its peak. The leading robot-making factory, Omnicorp wants to use robot as the replacement of cops, but heavily banned because robot does not have souls and emotions and considered unsafe.

When Alex Murphy, a police detective, is critically injured of bombing, he is reconstructed to become a robot cop, 'Robocop', to produce a powerful cop with emotion. But conflict arises when Alex's wife tell everyone that her husband has become emotionless because Omnicorp has drained his emotion. 

Alex fights to save his family, and to avenge the death of his partner and finds out that he is against everyone that he thinks is helping him. In this fully-packed with action movie, viewers will be astonished by the brilliant script and twist. 

But personally, this movie starts off boring and almost humorless, making it dull and dry. But still, it is a movie worth watching.

Rate: 6/10

Thanks for reading and please comment!